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SWOT Pest Services has built a strong market presence as one of the leading commercial pest management companies in the region.

Our approach to commercial pest management

Our commercial clients are from a wide variety of industries from hospitality and education to manufacturing and health. We recognise that each commercial premises has it's own specific requirements that need to be taken into account for a commercial pest management plan to be as successful as possible. As such we work with our commercial clients to develop a commercial pest management program that suits the unique requirements of their business premises and how their employees work within that space.

We have developed successful and reliable pest management solutions for our commercial clients using safe and effective products. Our team will design a specific commercial pest management program which outlines the required frequency of servicing, a schedule of areas to be treated and pests to be targeted. A service register will also be provided to each premises enabling easy access to all regulatory information related to the service such as insurances, and product information. The SWOT service register is also a communication tool between the client, their employees and SWOT technicians. 

For a full quote for your commercial premises please contact us on 49543620 or via email on

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Employees of our commercial clients receive 10% off residential services

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