SWOT Residential 

Urban Pest Management Treatment

Our Urban Pest Management treatment is our most popular service and is a great starting point for pest management in the home. We recommend getting this service done annually to ensure that a barrier is always in place around your home. Targeted pests include large cockroaches species, webbing spiders, ants (interior only) and silverfish. It comprehensively treats all areas inside and outside of the home, including all rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, roofvoids, subfloors, garages, garden sheds, outdoor furniture, pergola areas, entertainment areas, retaining walls, rockeries, eaves and gables, windows, perimeter of home, carports, clotheslines, garbage bins and letterboxes. A 6 month warranty is also provided with this treatment should any issues arise.

Specialised Rodent Treatment

SWOT's Specialised Rodent Treatment is a safe and effective method of managing rodent activity in and around the home. Utilising lockable rodent stations that are tamper proof and weather resistant the stations are placed in high risk areas of the property. 

Specialised German Cockroach Treatment

German Cockroaches are a pest that can increase in numbers quickly as their infestation strengthens. Kitchens are a common area of the home where infestations occur due to German Cockroaches attraction to warm parts of appliances such as kettles, microwaves, and dishwashers. 

Our German Cockroach service consists of a thorough inspection and treatment of infested area/s. In order to effectively treat the infestation and break down the life cycle of the German Cockroach services are conducted on a 4-6 week frequency once the initial service is completed. The number of follow up services is dependent on the extent of the infestation. 

Specialised Flea Treatment

Fleas are a pest that need to be treated as soon as discovered so as to avoid an infestation occuring and causing discomfort for both you and your pets. 


​Our Flea service involves the treating of interior flooring, and exterior areas such as grass and underflooring. This treatment may require one or more 4-6 week follow up visits depending on the extent of the infestation. 

End of lease flea treatments are also available. 

Exterior Ant Treatment

Ants can easily become a significant issue around the home if left untreated,. With a SWOT exterior Ant treatment you can minimise the effects these little guys can have. Using a product specifically targeting the ants and their nest, once ants come into contact with the treatment they take it back to the nest which in turn destroys that nest. 

Other Specialised Treatments

  • Bed Bugs

  • Flies

  • Lice/mites

  • Pantry moths

  • Wasps

  • Birds

  • Flying insects

  • Textile pests

  • Bees

  • Weeds

  • And more...

If your pest issue isn't listed we offer a range of tailored treatments for specific needs.