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The German cockroach is the most common cockroach found in commercial buildings, houses and apartments in Australia. Their rapid reproduction rate enables a few individuals to become a severe pest problem over one season.


From an original female German cockroach there could be potentially more than 100,000 cockroaches on a site by the end of one year!

Each female can produce up to 8 ootheca in 6 months, each carrying 30-40 nymphs. These eggs can be carried by the female to new sites in packaging, appliances, bags etc.


This species cannot survive without excessive heat, moisture and food therefore they cannot survive in the natural environment. They are an entirely imported species to each site. With such a fast life cycle one female can produce upwards of 16,000 adults in just two generations, which, depending on conditions such as moisture and food can take just a month or two to occur!


Worse yet they are a serious health threat, spreading bacteria such as salmonella, viruses such as Hepatitis , and allergens causing asthma. As a result of the nature of this species, they have become the number one cockroach pest in domestic and commercial premises.


With such a serious problem, it is essential that they are treated with every precaution by a professional management specialist. Our specialist German Cockroach treatment procedure involves an intensive initial treatment including a thorough inspection and evaluation, an integrated pest management program including environment modification and essential  4-6 week follow-up services to intercept each generation as it hatches until the infestation is completely eliminated.






Initial Treatment


First our technician will thoroughly inspect the area, he will note any “problem areas”, these could be hiding places, food sources and determine how many repeat Follow Up Services will be required.

Now that the service can begin he will apply an approved chemical spray to all skirting and perimeters to stop the cockroaches spreading  to other areas. He will then apply gel baits to appropriate feeding areas where German Cockroach  activity is evident. He will also apply a chemical dust to motors and electric appliances. There are also other strategies that will be applied dependent on the nature of the infestation.


Follow Up Treatments

These services are designed to interrupt the breeding cycle of the German Cockroach population. Similar to an infection in your body, consecutive treatments are essential for the German Cockroach infestation to be eliminated. How long Follow Up services are required depends on the extent of the infestation.


Generally we will gauge this as follows:

Minor Infestation: 1 Follow Up Service

Medium Infestation: 2-3 Follow Up Services

Major Infestation: 4 or more Follow Up Services


The number of Follow Up Services also depends on many other factors, including the conditions of the site.

Final Treatment

This service basically repeats the initial service, the technician will treat the complete area, install monitoring traps for future detection of German Cockroaches and do a full German Cockroach Inspection to ensure no activity remains.





For your SWOT German Cockroach Treatment to be effective, there are things you can do to help your treatment work faster AND be longer lasting. The way to do this is simple - remove what they rely on to survive.


To survive, a German Cockroach has 2 basic needs -

1. Somewhere to Hide

2. A Food  Source


There are 4 simple steps that will  effect the German Cockroach population.


  1. Firstly look for any clutter in your home that could hide cockroach colonies. These include boxes, bags, and stored goods. Put everything into airtight containers, this will kill any cockroaches living amongst your things.

  2. Look for any cracks that could hide cockroach “nests” particularly on the underside of benches and around tap fittings. Carefully tape these up with masking tape making sure they are completely sealed.

  3. Carefully keep ALL food sources sealed securely and clean any grease or crumbs. A single crumb can feed a breeding cockroach for a long time so cleanliness is the KEY.

  4. German Cockroaches need warmth to survive, so turn the power off on any appliances like fridges and carefully clean around these items making sure there is no food or water left behind for them to consume. Obviously you should not clean any electric parts as this can be dangerous to you or cause damage to your appliances.


By carefully following these 4 steps you can help to reduce the  German Cockroach population and enable your SWOT German Cockroach Treatment to be effective.

For more helpful hints on pest problems call SWOT on 02 4954 3620

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