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  • Craig Jones

Minimising Rodent Activity Around the Home

With the cooler months here, now is the time to start taking steps to minimise rodent activity as they seek shelter and warmth in and around your property.

In addition to the usual seasonal activity, the eastern states of Australia, in particular New South Wales, are experiencing significant increases in mice populations. Many of our clients are currently reporting large increases in rodent activity in and around their homes and businesses and utilising SWOT’s Specialised Rodent Treatment to manage activity levels around their properties.

SWOT’s Specialised Rodent Treatment targets high risk areas of the property using a series of lockable rodent stations. The tamper proof and weather resistant stations ensure a safe and effective treatment method is in place.

In addition to having professional pest management in place there are a number of measures that can be implemented around the home to minimise rodent activity.

These measures include:

- Managing food sources around the home is an integral step in managing potential activity. Securely storing food, ensuring no food scraps are left around and regular cleaning underneath ovens and fridges are all steps that can be taken to minimise.

- Dispose of garbage inside the home regularly.

- Sealing any small access points around the home such as gaps in flooring. A effective option is to plug small holes with steel wool.

- Reducing potential nesting areas around the home including piles of green waste and firewood.

- Minimising water sources such as water leaks.

If rodents are currently an unwelcome guest in your home, or you want to have measures in place before they do contact our team to discuss the treatment options available.

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